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I bought a used car and did it well

Last month I finally bought a car, admittedly a used car and not a piece of today, but unfortunately I would not have a new money. So I didn’t buy it for cash, but for a loan with the help of a financier. I didn’t think it was going to be that easy, but it did.

I got into it because of my wife


He has long been telling me why I use public transport when my workplace is an hour away. Shopping is also harder, especially on weekends or holidays without a car.

So I decided to surprise you with a car. My dreams were not too great, unfortunately, because I couldn’t think of a car that was too expensive. My choice was for a Daewoo Matiz. Nice red little car. I can use it well in urban traffic.

I will pay the installment for three years


which is not so much time. I was able to borrow on a forint basis, so I don’t have to worry about frequent fluctuations in the exchange rate. In three years, if all goes well, I can officially sit in my car. Used car financing came to mind when I was looking for cars.

I have seen several financiers advertise the credit. I found a credit bureau dealing with this. I got a very good offer. They estimated the value of my car today, and compared it to the purchase price and a forint-based repayment for three years.

The interest rates will not be huge either


They asked me for some personal information, filled in an employer certificate for my job to “declare” my income, and submitted it for review. They promised that there would be an answer within 24 hours. So it was. The credit bureau’s offer also stated that they would take out the contract, the amount borrowed in cash and even transcribe. So we arranged to meet the seller.

We had to take an authenticity test, take out a compulsory insurance, sign the contract, hand over the cost of transcription, and I already physically owned the car. A few days later, the new license was received by post. Since then I have been happy to use Matiz and pay my monthly installment.